In the highly competitive wireless technologies market, experience, professionalism and the capacity to innovate are key factors for achieving a leading position and responding to the needs of each customer with the most effective solutions. 

Internationally recognized for exceeding expectations, we are a reference company in the area of mobile networks and wireless solutions. Our wide range of skills allows us to handle every facet of a project from start to finish, controlling the outcome and bringing our professionalism and know-how to every step of the process. 

Our teams work tirelessly to keep our customers connected to the future.


Operators are expected to invest US$1.1 trillion worldwide in Mobile Networks between 2020 and 2025, around 80% of which will be in 5G networks, enhancing Constructel’s market opportunity as regards increasing its existing 5G installation capabilities.

Network planning

- Network Planning & Optimization (NPO) Services
- RF, Indoors, Wi-Fi and MW Planning
- IoT and Industry 4.0 Solutions

Engineering and design

- General Infrastructure Studies and Projects 
- Telecommunications Tower Design 
- Data Centre and Technical Room Solutions 
- Energy Efficiency Studies and Solutions 
- Camouflage and Environmental Integration

Procurement and licensing

- Site Search and Procurement 
- Management of Municipal Authorization Processes 
- Partitioning and Renegotiation of Rents

Infrastructure Construction

- Mobile Telecommunications Base Stations 
- Data Centres and Equipment Rooms 
- Indoor Covers and Special Covers 
- Radar Stations for Maritime Surveillance
- Railway and Highway Surveillance Solutions

Equipment installation

- 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, MW and Wi-Fi installations 
- TV, Radio and Digital Terrestrial Television 
- GSM-R and Railway Systems 
- Maritime AIS and VTS Systems 
- Home & Land Security Solutions

Maintenance and operation

- NOC services (24/7 network operations centre) 
- 1st and 2nd Line Maintenance 
- Fast Deployment Solutions: Cell-on-Wheels 
- Equipment Repair Management 
- Warehouse and Logistics Management

Site Intelligence

- Site Surveys and Advanced Inspection with UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)
- 3D Digitization of Sites (Virtual Reality)
- Registration Management and Digital Site Inventory 
- CAPEX / OPEX Optimization Solutions