We specialise in design, construction, O&M of low, medium, high and very high voltage electrical infrastructure, including LW (live working) for major energy providers (DSOs and TSOs), with a focus on the electricity and renewable energy sectors, including solar and wind.

We have a multidisciplinary team with expertise in design, construction and O&M of railway and catenary infrastructures. 

In the gas sector, we are a key partner for natural gas network operators, offering both B2B and B2C services. 

We have a manufacturing unit with a capacity to produce 12,000 ton. / year of metal structures, oriented towards electricity grids, substations and railways. 

Working in a versatile and integrated way, Constructel handles the various implementation phases of each project, from design, procurement and planning to the installation and maintenance of electricity and gas networks, providing a turnkey service. 

This wide range of skills, combined with our well-known dynamism, mobilization capacity and commitment, are the reasons behind the company’s growth in the energy sector.

Over the last decade, smart meter technology has advanced significantly, with major impacts on household electricity, gas and water DSOs. Constructel Visabeira has monitored the development of smart meter solutions and implemented its business strategy ahead of time.


- Rendering of low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) services on Power Distribution Networks under a lump sum contract

- Live work (LW) 

- Design, Construction and O&M of Electricity Transmission Lines and Sub-stations 

- Electrical catenary infrastructures for railways and surface metro 

- Design and construction of interconnection networks between Generation Plants and the Distribution or Transport Network 

- Design and installation of smart meter solutions, smart networks and charging stations for electric vehicles

- Design and manufacture of metal structures for electricity distribution and transport, railway, catenary and surface metro networks

Renewable Energy

- Design, Procurement, Construction and O&M of Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Farms 

- Energy auditing and consulting


- Design, construction and O&M of natural gas networks for both B2B and B2C 

- Customer service and technical assistance