Constructel is an international benchmark company in the area of fixed and new generation networks, with a strong and growing presence, especially in Europe. This leading position is only possible thanks to our extensive skills, which allow us to respond to the needs of each client.  

We are able to offer global coverage in both fixed and new generation networks, including all phases of project development, all the steps necessary to create infrastructures, both overhead and underground, and all activities related to the installation and maintenance of networks, whether they be local, subscriber or interconnection networks. 

Constructel’s wide range of skills, combined with an innovative spirit and the professionalism and know-how of our teams, make it possible to provide a highly competitive offer, exceeding expectations in the markets where we operate, as well as those of our partners, fostering the strong links required for building the future.

Our internal audit team ensures that we comply with the most stringent quality standards and safety regulations.

  • Project

    - Topographic survey and updating
    - Digitalization of maps and schematics
    - Network structuring and solution optimization
    - Dimensioning and budgeting
    - Network design and conception
    - Legalization dossier organization
    - Project Implementation
    - Construction planning

Network installation
  • Local Network

    - Installation and connection of symmetrical pairs of coaxial cables and fibre optic cables

  • Subscriber Network

    - Installation of outdoor and indoor subscriber networks
    - Copper and fibre optic networks (FTTH - Fibre-to-the-Home)
    - Terminal equipment assembly

  • Interconnection Network

    - Installation of terminal equipment
    - Installation and organization of pigtails or jumpers
    - Installation and connection of symmetrical pairs of coaxial and fibre optic cables

Network Maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance

    - Definition and parameterization of quality and performance indicators 
    - Network maintenance per access line indexed to quality indicators 
    - Updating and maintenance of test and trial plans 
    - Performance of network verification routines

  • Corrective maintenance

    - Locating, identifying and distributing faults 
    - Fault repair and correction 
    - Final tests and trials

  • Underground infrastructures

    - Surveying and probing for subsurface obstacles 
    - Trenching, construction of ducts and installation of “mono cables” 
    - Construction of manholes and access galleries 
    - Special works and structures

  • Overhead infrastructures

    - Staking and construction of lines with poles 
    - Consolidation of lines 
    - Installation of lines on walls

Commercial area
  • D2D Activity

    The Commercial Teams conduct direct sales activity based on a door-to-door contact methodology, ensuring full compliance with the procedures defined by the Commercial Department and guaranteeing quality sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Organizational structure

    Commercial Director
    Responsible for commercial operations and for planning and defining strategies to stimulate and monitor activity. 

    Sales Coordinator
    Responsible for managing, coordinating and monitoring the sales teams, ensuring compliance with the methodologies and principles defined by the Commercial Department. 

    Team Leader
    Responsible for welcoming, training and supervising the Sales Consultants. 

    Sales Consultant
    Makes sales, observing the principles of quality and integrity, as well as the defined rules and methodologies.

  • Services

    Professional services provided to customers in the areas of business and telecommunications:
    - Traditional fixed network operators
    - Mobile operators
    - New entries - licence holders
    - Internet Service Providers
    - Companies (public or private)
    - Utilities - telecommunications providers

  • Telemarketing

    - Database organization 
    - Client management and product promotion
    - Conducting customer satisfaction surveys

  • Service sales

    - Preparation of marketing plans
    - Preparation of product dossiers
    - Sales team coordination, training and monitoring