Visabeira Infraestruturas, in conjunction with EIP, a company which is also part of the Visabeira world, has completed the Empreitada de Instalação Elétrica Geral [General Electrical Installation Contract] for the initial installation of the 400 kV / 60 kV Pegões Substation of REN – Rede Eléctrica Nacional, in the municipality of Montijo.

This large-scale project was the first new project of this kind carried out by Visabeira, which benefited from the EIP (a company which has recently been purchased by Grupo Visabeira). Moreover, it managed to bring forward the completion date of the work by three months, enabling the set up and operation of the Substation on the 23rd of December 2021, meeting the challenge launched by the REN management team.

The Visabeira/EIP consortium was responsible for assembling and installing support infrastructure (metallic structures) as well as installing all the necessary equipment at this REN electrical substation.

The project was also responsible for installing all the lighting, integrated safety systems, industrial data and optical fibre network, in addition to the command and control systems.

After having successfully completed this contract, Visabeira is ready to embrace new projects of this nature and size, which is to say, the construction of new substations from scratch, while continuing with the expansion and renovation of existing REN substations, a company which has recently awarded three more projects: Évora and Lagoaça Substations, as well as the Sabóia Cutting Station.

Also with regard to the energy area, Visabeira completed the Ribeira de Pena - Vieira do Minho high voltage line at the end of December. Moreover, it is currently preparing the initial work for renovating the high voltage lines, Palmela - Sines 2 and Palmela - Sines 3, a project to be carried out over the course of this year.

Meanwhile, construction work on the 3 medium voltage lines for energy flow from Galp´s Photovoltaic Parks, in the Alcoutim area, in the Algarve, continues at a good pace.