Constructel Visabeira purchased OBELISK, an Irish company operating in the Republic of Ireland and in the United Kingdom within the sector of mobile and fixed telecommunications infrastructure and energy networks. 

This new partnership is part of the growth strategy of Constructel Visabeira, which has been operating in the United Kingdom since 2018, through its English subsidiary MJ Quinn.

OBELISK, in addition to the expected growth of operations in the Republic of Ireland, will also strengthen operations in the United Kingdom by continuing to provide services and turnkey infrastructure solutions to customers in the telecommunications and energy sectors, contributing to the development and construction of new infrastructures and technological solutions, implementation of optical fibre networks and the construction of new mobile networks and wireless solutions. 

Commenting on this new stage in the company´s life, OBELISK CEO Ronnie Delaney said: “We are delighted to welcome this new chapter of Obelisk growth, which is now well-positioned to accelerate new growth opportunities, to continue investing and expanding our skilled workforce across the UK, and to offer more complete solutions to our customers in new and existing markets."

OBELISK founding directors Colm Murphy and Padraig Brady also stated: “Having founded OBELISK in 1996, we have seen the business grow sharply over the past 26 years, building a skilled workforce capable of managing and delivering complex and high-quality engineering projects across Ireland and the UK. We look forward to this new era of business and continued success with Constructel Visabeira, offering customers around the world a more diversified range of services and more innovative solutions.”

Nuno Marques, president of Constructel Visabeira, welcomed OBELISK, saying that "we look forward to working with your talented team of technicians to expand our production and operational capacity. We place quality and efficiency at the heart of everything we do, and as we look to new trends in the telecommunications, energy and technology sectors, our new partnership with OBELISK will complement our comprehensive vision to increasingly meet the global needs of our various international markets.”

OBELISK is a competitive international professional engineering services company, providing infrastructure solutions for the telecommunications and energy sectors in Ireland and the UK. As a leading solutions service provider, OBELISK focuses on bringing a fresh and innovative approach to every project.

OBELISK was founded in 1996 and currently employs over 250 people, working in various offices in Ireland and the UK.