Obelisk, a company with a thirty-year history in the market, has embarked on a new chapter following its acquisition by Constructel Visabeira, in 2022. As part of this transformative phase, Obelisk has unveiled a refreshed brand identity alongside a new website.

These changes follow the successful acquisition of Balfour Beatty's telecommunications division, as previously announced in July. With this strategic move, Obelisk now offers an integrated global solution for renewable energy and telecommunications across Ireland, the United Kingdom, and worldwide.

Explaining the rationale behind the rebranding, Obelisk stated, "We have updated our logo to symbolize our enduring commitment to innovation, progress, and collaboration. It embodies energy and adaptability, reflecting our capacity for evolution."

In addition to the new website, Obelisk is implementing the updated brand identity across all support materials, including equipment, stationery, uniforms, and vehicles. These changes signify Obelisk's dedication to modernization and its readiness to meet the evolving needs of its customers and partners.