Jenny Howe is the new Head of Sustainability at Constructel Visabeira

Sustainability is an incredibly important goal, especially in the current global context. Companies bear the responsibility of actively contributing to the continual betterment of their surroundings, ensuring their operations positively impact the world. Being fully commited to this cause, Constructel Visabeira has appointed Jenny Howe as its new Head of Sustainability.

Jenny brings a wealth of experience to her role, boasting over 20 years of expertise in the telecommunications sector and more than 6 years dedicated to advisory and management services in sustainability, strategy, governance and executive coaching. Her extensive background positions her as an ideal candidate to steer Constructel Visabeira towards its sustainability goals.

In her new capacity, Jenny will collaborate with teams across the entire Constructel Visabeira universe, spearheading the implementation of comprehensive sustainability strategies and fostering a group-wide mindset that champions inclusivity and environmental consciousness, in line with the company's dedication to sustainable practices.

As Constructel Visabeira continues to prioritize its commitment to ESG principles, Jenny Howe's leadership will play a pivotal role in driving positive change within the organization and beyond.