Visabeira Infraestruturas, one of the companies in the Universe of Constructel Visabeira, in consortium with Elecnor / Omninstal and Proef, was awarded Lot 1, the Acordo Quadro, for the execution of Very High Voltage Lines for the period 2023 - 2025.

This Acordo Quadro, the first of its kind under consultation, consists of 4 lots, with the limited attribution to one lot per competitor/association of competitors.

Lot 1, the largest in volume to be tendered, comprises construction and uprating work for Very High Voltage Lines, including preventive and corrective maintenance, and emergency response, mainly in the central area of Portugal.

At the same time, EIP Serviços, a company that was acquired in 2020 and more recently also incorporated into Constructel Visabeira, was also awarded, in consortium with CME, lot 2 of the same Acordo Quadro for the execution of Very High Voltage Lines (2023 – 2025). This lot 2 was the second largest in terms of volume and has its coverage, mostly located in the southern part of the country.

With these two attributions, Visabeira Infraestruturas and EIP Serviços further reinforce its positioning as two of the main key partners of REN – Rede Elétrica Nacional, in the sector of very high voltage lines.