On the 13th of January, Viatel held its D2D National Gala (door to door) where it brought together the entire national “sales force”, in a meeting that was used to take stock of the year 2022, as the strategic plan and challenges for 2023 were also presented.

The Expocenter in Viseu had more than 250 participants in an event that also honoured the “Best of the Year” with regard to MEO/Altice sales in the residential segment.

The first moment of the Gala Viatel was marked by the intervention of Carlos Cântara, who began by drawing a general balance of the year 2022, which ended with 12,911 TV sales, a number that surpasses “in 114 sales the already spectacular year 2021”, the director of that commercial department of the company started off mentioning.

In analysing the indicators, Carlos Cântara stressed the importance of the number of sales obtained, since, as confirmed “Altice’s D2D channel decreased compared to the previous year, but despite this, Viatel was able to show extraordinary growth and performance that resulted in an average of 1075 TV contracts per month”.

Analysing the performance of the different regions, it is verified that the sales of the Operation of Viatel North supplanted those of the Center and those of the South.

Another fact of particular relevance is that Viatel ended 2022 with the 1st place of sales of MEO /Altice compared to other companies competing in this market of the operator, having consequently increased the sales weight in the D2D channel from 36% to 40%, something that Carlos Cântara called remarkable.

Paulo Hipólito, director of Altice, present at the Gala, left a word of congratulations to Viatel’s sales force for the numbers achieved last year, notably for the growth compared to 2021. In an encouraging message, the responsible set out 18,000 sales for 2023, as a level to be reached by the large sales team of Grupo Visabeira.

In addition to the entertainment, at a gala event always very irreverent, the day ended with the delivery of awards that distinguished, in several categories, the employees with the best commercial results, including coordinators, managers and partner companies, moments that were shared by António José Borges, administrator of Grupo Visabeira, and other management of the company.