MJ Quinn Integrated Services has just signed a major contract with Mersey Care NHS to provide maintenance services in around 40 hospital units in the north-west of the UK for a period of five years.

The contract signed Constructel Visabeira, a British company, provides for the supply of maintenance services for the hospital facilities, by MJ Quinn’s energy and maintenance division, including mechanical, electrical maintenance and energy management.

It should be noted that MJ Quinn has maintained a partnership relationship with Mersey Care NHS for about two decades, which speaks well of the trust placed in the energy specialist company.

With a team of MJ Quinn technicians dedicated exclusively to this contract, it will be possible to develop the client’s entire sustainability plan, since Mersey Care aims to reduce the environmental impact on its facilities.

Ian Moore, managing director of MJ Quinn’s energy division, said: “Signing this contract makes us very pleased and excited to continue this 20-year partnership with Mersey Care. The award of this contract is proof of our ability to deliver the services we currently provide.”

Mersey Care provides meaningful health services to its communities “and we understand their needs as a service partner. Our experience and strong spirit of partnership are a great foundation as we sign this new contract with Mersey Care. Now, we hope to demonstrate our proven track record in service delivery, as our company builds on a strategy of continuous improvement and growth in this sector to offer a sustainable future for all,” said the manager.