One of MJ Quinn´s operational purposes is to ensure the best customer satisfaction, a policy that is, in fact, common to the entire Grupo Constuctel Visabeira.

Accordingly, the company, which operates in the United Kingdom, marked “customer service week”, ensuring it has done all it can to provide its customers with “excellent service, which is the best way for them to feel appreciated and valued,” said Suzanne Well, head of the customer service department.

In the sense that there is a real perception of how the interaction is carried out, a team from that department was out in the field observing and evaluating how the relationship with customers is carried out.

MJ Quinn held meetings with younger employees to learn best practices to satisfy customers.

Suzanne Well concludes, noting that “here at MJ Quinn we value service as an integral part of the customer experience. We continually seek service excellence and see it as a way to maximize the performance of our business. Part of our ongoing effort to improve customer service is to identify in advance what can lead to eventual complaints and work collaboratively in the field and in the office to help reduce them and prevent them from moving forward.”