Constructel GmbH was the company responsible for installing the 5G network that served the Oktoberfest festival in Munich, Germany. This work was carried out for Deutsche Telekom, which presented that new and innovative network service at the event.

Constructel GmbH´s specialized technicians were in the 420 thousand square meter enclosure for two weeks to install, configure and commission 8 macro 5G sites, equipped with antennas that allowed for more effective coverage than conventional antennas.

In addition to that installation, Constructel GmbH was in charge of connecting 6 other macro sites, one of which was indoor.

In total, 22 antennas (5G) were installed, 4 of which the “Wiesn_West 1” station with 4 sectors (usually base stations having 3 sectors) stands out, to which Deutsche Telekom gave special emphasis on its social networks, highlighting the work carried out by Constructel GmbH.

Between the 17th of September and the 3rd of October, the Munich beer festival venue welcomed 350 thousand people a day, so there was the need for a strong mobile network coverage.

It should be noted that the Constructel GmbH technicians completed the work in record time, as they were only able to carry out their work after the installation of the containers and towers to place the antennas, which was under the responsibility of other entities.