Grupo Visabeira, with a strong presence in the European market within the telecommunications and energy sector, through its subsidiary Constructel Visabeira, has purchased the majority shares in the Italian company Inpower Group, based in Rome.

Constructel Visabeira has stood out as one of the main providers of network engineering services in the telecommunications and energy sectors in Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and the United States of America.

Constructel Visabeira’s investment in Inpower Group aims to implement and expand its activity, particularly in the sector of copper and optical fibre telecommunications in the Italian market.

By purchasing Inpower Group, Constructel Visabeira has strengthened its presence in Italy, where it has been operating since 2017, after purchasing Ieme S.r.l., a company mainly in the area of designing, building and maintaining medium and low voltage energy networks.  

After purchasing capital shareholding in the Inpower Group, Constructel Visabeira will strengthen existing contracts in the energy sector and also expand into new engineering areas, in particular activities within the telecommunications area focusing on building new generation networks.  It should be noted that Italy is one of the European markets where significant investments are being made for modernizing energy and telecommunications networks.   

With this new purchase, Constructel Visabeira has strengthened its strategy for growing its operations in Europe, in this case through the acquisition of a majority in a leading Italian technology company.