Constructel Visabeira, one of the main European players on the telecommunications and energy engineering networks, which has long been present on the Danish market, has just strengthened its relationship with TDC - Tele-Danmark Communications.

By the end of March the “Fiber Scoop” contract was signed, within the scope of operation and expansion work on the existing TDC network, aimed at connecting corporate customers, supplying network (backbone) work and connecting new residential customers. Under this contract, Constructel Visabeira will welcome, by transfer of the former TDC provider, around 30 Danish technicians.

In May the agreement regarding the expansion of the “Fiber Factory” was completed, for constructing a new optical fiber network, aiming at connecting thousands of Danish homes.

With these new contracts with a term of 4 years, Constructel Visabeira takes a giant leap towards the goal of becoming one of TDC’s (Tele-Danmark Communications) leading service providers.

The contracts were signed recently in Copenhagen, during a private dinner due to safety rules. TDC was represented by Christian Duer (president of the Fiber Factory and TDC On-site), Henrik Leu Christiansen (vice-president of Fiber Factory), Sander Bjørnseth Trolle (person in charge of negotiation) and Vicki Heick (contract manager). Representing Constructel Visabeira were João Castro (the Grupo’s director) and Marco Amaro (CEO of Constructel Denmark).

Facing the new volume of work, Constructel Visabeira and its new affiliate Toft Hansen will carry large investments for new vehicles and technical equipment, thus reinforcing the company’s ability for a quick response and intervention.