Constructel Visabeira continues to be one of the leading providers of the French multinational Orange, having recently renewed for the next five years a new contract worth 1,100 million euros.

Continuing on with its several year partnership with its main partner, this renewal guarantees Constructel Visabeira a global business portfolio with several operators, amounting to around 3 thousand million euros over 3 to 4 years.

All in all, the contract with Orange represents about a third of the global value.  Nuno Terras Marques, chairman of the Executive Board of Directors of Grupo Visabeira, in a major interview with Jornal de Negócios, revealed that the other contracts allowing for reaching historic values were signed with British Telecom and Proximus, a Belgian operator.

The recent entry into Constructel Visabeira´s capital by the American bank Goldman Sachs will allow the Grupo Visabeira company to continue to expand its geographical horizons and to strengthen its growth in terms of company acquisition. 

In Europe, Germany and the United Kingdom are two countries where Constructel Visabeira will invest heavily. Nevertheless, Poland, Austria and the Nordic countries are also in the sights of the company´s managers, taking advantage, for example, of the Scandinavian presence in Denmark, where the company has for some years taken on a very important position in providing telecommunications engineering services, Constructel main business activity.

However, the company´s growth projects are not limited to the “old continent”. Nuno Terras Marques revealed during his interview with Jornal de Negócios that the United States of America will be one of the preferred targets in the short and medium term.

With all the projects in its portfolio, the chairman of the Executive Board of Directors of Grupo Visabeira does not hide his desire to see in the medium term, Constructel Visabeira listed on the Stock Exchange in the medium term, as a company that is today one of the main assets of Grupo Visabeira.