Constructel Visabeira purchased the German company Elektro-Würkner GmbH, expanding the portfolio of the Grupo Visabeira subsidiary, a leading company in the telecommunications and energy sector, operating in the European market and in the United States of America.

Elektro-Würkner GmbH was founded in 1965, and today, with around 230 employees, it is one of the largest German companies in the telecommunications sector, operating as well in the renewable energies sector.

The vast experience and the combination of technical and human skills render Elektro-Würkner GmbH the perfect partner for Constructel Visabeira and reinforces the skills which the Portuguese company has already secured in the sector of telecommunications and energy network engineering services in the German market. The current management team, under the direction of Marion Würkner, will continue to lead the company with a focus on continuity, quality and growth, without losing sight of the most important asset, employees.

With pride and respect for what has been achieved so far, both companies are optimistic and confident about the future, combining synergies to enhance the skills and technical resources which will guarantee current and future contracts.

Constructel Visabeira is Grupo Visabeira´s holding company which brings together the telecommunications and energy sectors with strong activity in Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United States of America.

Staff meeting in Viseu

Meanwhile, senior managers for Elektro-Würkner were in Viseu and visited Grupo Visabeira´s head offices and met with its main managers. The meeting was attended by Nuno Terras Marques, chairman of the executive board of directors, directors João Castro and António José Borges and the director of business development, Luís da Silva.

On behalf of Elektro-Würkner were present Marion Würkner, managing partner of the company; Olaf Würkner, COO and Emma Würkner, Managing Director. On the agenda were the sharing of ideas and decisions regarding the operation in the German market, with a trend for growth during the coming years.

On this trip, Elektro-Würkner managers, who were accompanied by heads of various departments of the German company, visited the Constructel Visabeira International Training Academy in Viseu, and some units, namely the Montebelo Viseu Congress Hotel, the Casa da Ínsua, the restaurant Forno da Mimi & Rodízio Real and Palácio do Gelo Shopping.

Training technicians for the photovoltaic technology

Visabeira Academy hosted the first training session of the Program for Installing Photovoltaic Technology. The training sequence was prepared based on the knowledge and expertise of Visabeira and Elektro-würkner GmbH. The main purpose of this initiative is to prepare technicians to be part of several Photovoltaic Technology installation projects going on in Europe.