Constructel GmbH started operating in Germany in June 2012 with a business project at the Berlin Fair, a work carried out in partnership with the company Mobiline, for installing mobile network coverage in the pavilions at that fair.

During the same year, Constructel continued with new projects related to the mobile network, completing the first two 4G mobile stations in Germany for the customer Huawei Technologies Deutschland, in the urban area of Berlin, state of Brandenburg. These mobile stations were built under the program contract awarded by that company to Constructel GmbH, intended for the “turnkey” construction of the new 4G Network for the Vodafone D2 Operator. 

After a period of adaptation to that market, and as a result of the international know-how of Grupo Visabeira, Constructel GmbH asserted itself in the sector of the mobile network, which allowed it to expand its customer base, including Ericsson and Sigfox, with several works carried out on the Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica networks. 

In 2015, based on the success of the initial project and the organic growth of Constructel, the first direct contracts were awarded by Deutsche Telekom in the scope of the fixed network and FTTH (Fibre to the Home), making it today one of the main partners of the German telecommunications giant.

After developing projects in Cologne, Deutsche Telekom´s trust in Constructel allowed the operation to be extended to Munich and Stuttgart, the city where Constructel changed its operational base, where it still continues.

Since then, Constructel has been growing in terms of opportunities for Deutsche Telecom on the fixed network and with Ericsson and Sigfox customers on the mobile network.

Constructel GmbH is currently part of the Constructel Visabeira holding, which in Germany also includes Franz-Josef Braun, Electro Würkner in the telecommunications area and Cunha Soares in the energy sector.