Constructel Denmark and Toft Hansen were awarded with the “Børsen Gazelle 2021”, an award which rewards companies which have achieved a positive financial growth over a period of four years and that have at least doubled their turnover.

Awarding the companies´ work in this Scandinavian country is related to the large-scale projects which they have been carrying out.

Regarding Constructel Denmark, for example, it is important to mention the three contracts the company has signed entered into with Ericsson. As far as maintenance is concerned, Constructel Denmark has teams available at all times to solve daily technical problems which may arise in terms of equipment or cables already installed, including their replacement, whenever necessary. 

Regarding the telecommunications contract signed with TDC - Tele Danmark Communications, Constructel´s employees are currently building new stations and strengthening them to increase capacity terms of new or additional technology, including the installation of a variety of 5G equipment.

Another major ongoing project is the so-called “Fibre Factory”, which Constructel Denmark started in 2019 and which aims to build fibre optic networks for TDC. The major contract included the civil construction component, the installation of network points and terminal equipment, involving the use of different types of equipment. Constructel will continue its work under this contract to build optical fibre networks for TDC during the coming years.

Last year, Constructel Denmark signed the “Fibre Scoop” contract with TDC. This contract aims to expand and maintain the operator´s optical fibre network in Zeeland, the largest and most populous Danish island, with more than 45% of the country´s total population. This contract includes a wide range of work, such as creating ground infrastructures as well as the construction and supply network in new and existing buildings, both for business customers and the transport network. 

This New Year, Constructel Denmark managers are confident in facing new projects and challenges, while continuing to carry out the works in the portfolio and that will lead to the company´s growth.

As far as Toft Hansen is concerned, the Danish company purchased by Constructel Denmark in 2019, continues its path of strengthening and growth. 

In the energy sector, work for installing charging stations for electric vehicles will start soon. This is a major nationwide project in this sector. Denmark is positioned to be at the forefront of the world´s electric car support infrastructure, a reality that is increasingly present in our lives.

Still regarding the electricity sector, Toft Hansen continues to carry out work in close cooperation with companies operating in the implementation of medium voltage networks, urban road signs and public lighting. 

Toft Hansen is also involved in the Fibre Factory project, at this stage completing the works in Ejby, and beginning the construction in Gershøj and Lejre.

For 2022, the company intends to continue to grow, being committed to recruiting more technicians, namely for the optical fibre sector.