Aeroprotechnik, a company which is part of the Visabeira world focused on new technologies and UAVs (commonly known as drones), has been able to sign new contracts with large companies worldwide renowned in the photovoltaic solar production sector.

This sustained growth has been supported by the internal capacity for innovation and development of technological solutions and professional services aimed at advanced inspection of solar parks.

Currently, Aeroprotechnik has already developed projects in several places around the world, namely in Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Jamaica, El Salvador, Ecuador, South Africa, Zambia and Australia, among others.

In view of the strong growth underway of photovoltaic parks around the world, there is a strong conviction that Aeroprotechnik’s activity will continue to grow.

Aeroprotechnik, in addition to its own specialized structure, also has a network of partners in various countries, allowing it to speed up project completion, representing one of its most important pillars of success.

In technical terms, the company performs thermographic and hyper-resolution inspections that, with the help of artificial intelligence solutions, help detect problems in solar modules.

Based on this idea, Aeroprotechnik provides detailed and analytical failure analysis and proposes corrective actions to increase the production levels of solar assets. Since 2015, the company has been operating in more than 10 countries.