• Solid and Reliable

    With more than 40 years of experience and owned by Grupo Visabeira, a multinational and multisectoral holding company, operating in the sectors of Telecommunications, Energy, Technology, Construction, Industry, Real Estate and Tourism, Constructel is already an essential reference with unique know-how that enables a diversified offer of turnkey solutions, including the design, implementation, construction and maintenance of network infrastructures. The dedication and responsiveness of our teams is up to the expectations of the most demanding customers and the most challenging markets.

  • A reference company

    With a global reach in fixed and new generation networks, including design, infrastructure and network installation and maintenance, we are the leading company in this area of activity, and the partner of choice for prestigious projects throughout Europe and the USA.

  • Innovation that makes the difference

    Our experience, professionalism and capacity to innovate are also differentiating factors in the mobile network and wireless solutions sector, with a comprehensive range of services, including specialized consultancy, engineering and design, radiofrequency and transmission, site acquisition and licensing, infrastructure construction and operation and maintenance.

  • We establish strong connections

    Internationally recognized for the results we deliver, our portfolio includes prestigious clients such as Orange, British Telecom, Openreach, Proximus, Deutsche Telekom, Altice, Enel, NOS, Ericsson, Nokia, Vodafone, and EDP, among many others.  

  • An expanding brand

    Currently present in 11 countries: France, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Sweden and the United States of America, Constructel continues to create strong connections every day that take its partners out into the world. 

To be an international reference in the telecommunications and energy sectors, with multiple integrated competencies and a wide-ranging offer of turnkey solutions for project development.

To create the best solutions, investing in innovation and anticipating customers’ needs, while also exceeding their expectations.

- Leadership 
We want to be a reference model in the sectors in which we operate, taking the lead with our foresight and delivery capacity. 

- Innovation 
Implementing innovative methods and investing in new technologies are differentiating factors that can create value in the various areas in which we operate. 

- Management Capacity 
By efficiently controlling the various stages of each project, we are able to optimize resources and guarantee quality results. 

- Collaboration 
Every day, we create strong connections that make our partners reach further. 

- People 
People are what make a company, so we value teamwork, creating relationships of trust with our employees, customers, and partners.


Grupo Visabeira 78,13% - Goldman Sachs 21,87%

Constructel Visabeira

Constructel France

Constructel Energie





EIP Serviços France


OMV Natie

Constructel Belgium

Constructel Modal

Modal Installation

Cabling Station


Franz Josef Braun 

Tavan Tiefbau

Elektro Würkner  

Constructel Deutschland  

Cunha Soares




Toft Hansen 

Constructel Denmark






Inpower Group

Constructel Italia

We will continue to invest in our business, looking to broaden our portfolio and grow the value chain in the services we provide.

Nuno Marques
CEO Constructel Visabeira e CEO Grupo Visabeira



Constitution of Visabeira Infraestruturas in Portugal


Viatel established in Portugal


Constructel established in France


Constructel established in Belgium and IUTEL established in Portugal


Acquisition of Gatel in France


SCI Constructel established in France


Constructel established in Germany


Acquisition of MECI in France (currently Constructel Energie)


Integration of PDT in Portugal. Constructel established in Denmark


Acquisition of Modal Group in Belgium, IEME in Italy and MJ Quinn in the UK. Constructel established in Italy


Acquisition of Escotel in France


Acquisition of Toft Hansen in Denmark and Aeroprotechnik in Portugal


Acquisition of EIP Serviços in Portugal, OMV Natie and Infrasign in Belgium, Franz Josef Braun in Germany and Tensa in Spain


Acquisition of Cunha Soares in Portugal and J.F. Edwards in the US. Visactys established in France and SCI Constructel established in Italy


Acquisition of Elektro Würkner in Germany, Obelisk in Ireland, Inpower in Italy and North West Solar in the UK


Acquisition of ARQUILED in Portugal, of Tavan in Germany and of O+M in France