We believe that the knowledge and experience of a highly qualified team is a key differentiating factor in the market, which allows us to guarantee an excellent service and keep us one step ahead of the competition. 

We are therefore committed to valuing our employees, providing continuous training at our Academy, which is an important factor for the future success of our business. And it is this added value that allows us to mobilize resources in the various countries where we operate and which guarantees us one of our greatest competitive advantages. 

The next few years (until 2025) will be ones of strong growth for us, based on an expansion plan in the countries where we already operate, but also new acquisitions in the telecommunications and energy areas, particularly in markets such as Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

This is an ambitious commitment that will allow us to grow within the value chain of the services we provide, supported by our extensive know-how and history of success as a benchmark company in the telecommunications and energy areas.