We have a global compliance program in place, which is mandatory for all employees, designed to promote the adherence to legal requirements, our internal guidelines and a culture of integrity. 

The primary goal of the compliance program is to prevent, detect, and respond to potential misconduct and violations. A key element in the prevention of compliance violations is our compliance training program. 

Our compliance program defines standards and procedures including corrective action for failure to follow policies. Also includes a risk assessment process and financial and non-financial control procedures. We have made available a Whistleblowing Channel to which all employees and third parties can, and should, report any irregularities that are identified in relation to any external or internal regulations. 

We promote a culture in which compliance is recognized as everyone’s responsibility!  

Corporate Policies

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Modern Slavery Policy

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Sanctions Policy

Data Protection Policy

Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Good Competition Practices

Mergers & Acquisitions Policy

Reporting Potential Violations

Plan for Prevention of Corruption Risks and Related Offenses

This Plan identifies the situations that enhance the risks of corruption and/or related offenses in all companies of the Group operating in Portuguese territory, and lists the prevention, detection, and mitigation measures adopted to minimize the likelihood of these risks occurring.


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